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Translation not finished yet. It is automatic, not corrected to eliminate delirium from translation. Better see the Russian version.

Hey. I want to share my experience with you. This article is mainly aimed at achieving two goals: to find friends and to warn people who are exposed to a level at which they are usually diagnosed with f20.0, or schizophrenia, from some mistakes that can practically "spoil" "your fate. This article also contains things that are quite offensive to some nationalities. I am not interested in whether representatives of these nationalities will read the article, but I propose not to read it to the Germans. Also, if you have cranky nerves clinging to negative, think it might be better not to look at it. Of course, I tried to write an article in the way that I was approximately offered "from above." Part of my experience is described here, and, despite the topics that are supposedly offensive to someone, the truth is here that can already go into materialization in the physical world. For many, this is not an obvious situation. After all, we have lived well for so long, using German things, music, homeopathy, money and did not pay the national sign of this all and all of them. But, getting into the world after the completion of the physical path, a person (what is left of him) can be faced, as it turns out, with such things, for example, Nazi, about which "below" they have not even heard of. For example, I did not find anything similar in the literature, except that in some specific forums there are small posts on this topic. Those. I’m not the only one who receives such "information." Thoughts and ideas arising from reading this article about their Satanic and their Satanic, one or two times, if evil. It is not necessary to understand the defense; just read it. It may work what I had in mind by writing this. It can be understood and applied, for example, by those who know what kailess is, or a pulling experience from their own experience. It all started around 1991 or a little later. Once at home, I suddenly heard in my head this: "turn on the light." This voice was not what I usually think. Well, I ignored him at first, did nothing. But it interested me more and more, and still I got out of the chair and turned on the light. Since nothing interesting happened anymore, I turned off the light, and this was the end of this event. Then later, after years of college, at work it suddenly began to put me very sleepy, so much so that I almost fell asleep when soldering. Those. Such connections begin with "pumping energy", because of which one almost does not want to live. I began to study myself to find out what happened to me: in the year 2000-2003, I took up astrology, homeopathy, and human design. The human design system gave me things so interesting to me that I hacked a program, by the way, created by a German. It was simply that this product was so specific then that there was not even a single hint of crack to it. And all the possible modules connected to it, even the calculation of hd cards for animals, as far as I remember, became available to me. Since I practically do not like anything unlicensed, I wrote a letter to the developer of this program, where I talked about hacking and tried to explain the errors found on raves (cards). For a few letters, I did not succeed, i.e. the developer simply did not bother to recreate a situation in which an error occurs. This program is the only (so far) unlicensed software that I have, and even that, the developer knows about it :). Returning to glitches. Drowsiness passed slowly, either from homeopathy, or from a change in the type of activity of those from above who climbed to me. All this was replaced by a new run over me - I began to hear the very voices about which this article was about. I suddenly heard all sorts of German trash with their curses and attitudes. For a little bit, I could already hear it with drowsiness. I took up the next topic - the pendulum (dowser). Here, as I thought, there were so many new ways to get information that it took me a long time. Studying the pendulum, I suddenly noticed that the sounds that I hear from natya converge somehow with the data from the pendulum. In terms of manner and terminology, this brutal language of glitches I began to call Nazi. There the same information was presented in a distorted form, the words were either German or Russian, or in some ancient languages ​​(it’s good that a “subcarrier” is still transmitted to the voice, suggesting the meaning of these words). At first, I thought it was about “German” things, supposedly, but later I realized that they were Russian things crap. In the end, I refused to work as a pendulum in favor of a faster "question-answer" method simply in my mind or out loud. He began to rebuild them from German into Russian. There were also those who actually answered and helped in Russian, but as it turned out later, disinterestedly (although this is normal for esoteric work). But, as it turned out, not everything is so simple. There, the goal was not to help, but rather to be cattle, cattle, insolent. As a result of the question and answer, I found out that there are two or three Nazi systems. Two with the name "nat." There is a sheik system. You (who was given this) may have a different name, because it seems to me that in a common name sheiko gathered all the "illegal" and everything "illegal". This system is the basis of satanic influence, and these are all kinds: possession, power, and government. It is a constructor from which you can make almost anything. For example, I tried, when I did not know what kind of cattle it was, to create an Internet media player, and I even saw it in the form of saavatars - its interface and lists of some files, or live radio. :). There are also Shiiko systems. Decrypted approximately: pulse-width, pulse-code modulation. There are, for example, IKM-32 and IKM-64 channels. And all this already existed billions of years ago. This system is used both for setting up worlds and for communication between spirits, essences, and this may not be all. There are systems of nukes - nutsno entities. There are national systems. There is a "nat." They are said to be that these two nat systems look like octopuses located in worlds. There is ro bin good, and some of its systems may be ro bin bad. This system was even in the public domain for many. Systems usually consist of systs - this is like a biocomputer for rendering, usually they are hexagonal. There are many things there, but about 80 percent are all Germans. There is just the dominance of the Germans. Although, unfortunately, almost everything began with Russian-speaking Nazis, one of the first languages ​​was, as I was told when writing the article, some kind of language of asists. From the Russian-speaking (just one of the first) appeared sists and nasists. Part of the Germans came from the Sist, some from the Nassists. Christ, and other gods in the amount of about 88 percent of their total number, turned out to be a total. This amount changes regularly. The fact is that at the top a lot of what the Germans are doing to give nationality to "German". This can be done using magic miscalculation and "passing" it through the system where the person was created. The names of two such systems are known to me, climb further back while there are connections, or "cysts", perhaps it’s not worth it to prevent them (Germans, Nazis, interested), rising with me to these systems. Satan is both a system and a * ka (this type of entity is precisely that of Satan, others have almost no such kind), and essence, and spirit. The indicated percentages float right when writing the text, since there is one more Sheik shit - "coup". This is when almost everything that a person says turns upside down. This system can be canceled, and regularly done. But it can regenerate even from the human brain on which it was placed. For example, if you ask, “do some psychics use the sheiko system?”, The answer is interesting: they are “sheiko”. This is how a type of person is meant. Not only that, German degenerates can offend with the phrase "you sheiko" and in my address, and not only. This is usually due to the fact that Germans do everything to spread their systems neck, adding them to people with a specific interest in almost any way. Methods are splicing and affinity. A related state is perceived by the responding systems as a change of nationality. This is a scumbag executed by such systems. It is pretended that they do not understand where the real nationality is also due to the fact that they themselves are pro-Nazi, like almost everything above. Together with the giving kyles and the impact on the senses with these "harmless", but insulting phrases, a regular pain is given that interferes with life. The regular configuration from the Germans is as follows: the highest German is Hitler, somewhere at its level goes neck, then comes Jesus Christ, the lower levels of neck, Satan, again the shikelgruber (Hitler), shikesira, about five more people, and then almost to all people. That is, there is an attempt to give people the state of "German", which can easily be heard when working with systems. There is a distribution of German money, the development of their business structures (this is above). When cleaning them, everything must be taken into account: all those who are related to the German code must be sannigilized, all their money must be destroyed, all magic charges removed from them, all the paths of the event fields brought by them are stopped (stopped), all their children (soul entities , perfumes), their lepids are sannigilized. And this is only with the passage of time forward. One can guess that they spoil that any product in which there are their components, not only the Germans are participating in Prague, which starts the work of the product and systems. Their reign is pretty tricky: from different directions, and this is also done with the help of Satan, the magnetization of objects, and practically everything that can “envelop” magical elements and essences, the brain is affected, for example. Moreover, they are divided into their own, seemingly harmless, highly specialized areas of influence, for the use of which karma to each individual may not be. Rather, this karma must be found and restored. They are usually divided into five sources of exposure. One of them is usually Hitler, and may also be one of the most perverted scum in the worlds - Christ. This f * k has a so-called "weapon", which had to be killed regularly. Also, this cattle loves to climb to relatives, show saavatars with their halyards, bastards (there is such), as well as walls - these are attempts to block the passage (simply physical, at home, on the street and even in the church: er, where). With all this, it spoils the space, because these images can hold for a long time, more than one day, continuing the tormenting effect. They can hold on just until it is removed by annihilation or annihilation. The wall is a “fashkrug”, or about half of it, closed at the bottom by a straight line, which means “hitler” in many saavatars. For the fact that he crawls to his relatives, this one, sometimes sucking, regularly received from his mother. He, for example, returned mirrored. At the same time, this bastard seems to be most worried and trying to avenge his mother, and also does not like being rightly called a fascist (not just a German). Fair, because he is the first and begins to give the "fascist" tinker almost randomly. Just keep in mind that if someone does this, they should be able to beat his mother for a bastard, only Christ and his mother should, for example, cry for a while. He should not hurt you. It is necessary to build the battle configuration correctly; in detail, sorry, I do not want to describe my work yet. This article is not about proper work at all, but simply about what mistakes you don’t need to do so as not to prolong the “stupid will”, not to waste energy online and not feed. In general, it’s better to give karma work instead of yourself. This is more correct with working karma. About Hitler. It is arranged so that almost any effect on it leads to an imbalance in the configured state of the fact that everything was almost calmed down (i.e., it was quiet in the head). And it all starts again: there is a tumbling of a man "such-and-such and such-and-such Hitler." Although, maybe this is what I got such settings. One of the main recommendations is to forgive and do nothing instead of karma. There is so much that is bad with her. Germans regularly climb to karma and not only. There they need to survive (the Germans), and they know it. And while karmic systems work in an altered state, they have almost nothing. The Germans get off simply with diseases. In reality, an end awaits them. They are not here. This is not "they are not there," they are not anywhere. Those who may ask, you can find out the true results of the work of karma. But here there is one "but." Karma doesn’t agree on everything because of their attempts to work out (called the “scumbag given to karma” - karma goes to them in the amount of less than three percent). The development includes theirs (satanic) medicine. The development of their medicine is also done through sheiko. They simply must not be allowed to work illegally. They are very well settled - you can give an effect on the brain, and then supposedly take it back. And karma partially allows this. Those. it may also overlook the fact that the general state of the brain for some time remains more and more shaken. Moreover, the following effect may be on a harmless topic, and the pain, as a result, is about the same. The system itself for its work seems to be able to consume electricity from the network. I myself even watched the light in the room wink at the beat of my words :). But this whole system turned out to be a pi * duke of cosmic scale. Pi * duke - refers to an action when an impact on a person is given for no one, for nothing. Just. Although the Germans and almost all the scum - the gods are trying to pretend that they comply with the law. They somehow gave access to the truth, sold access to the karmic accumulations of people, and on the basis of this information they form false karma, in which there is no or bad information can be given out “for what is given”, and everything goes in the Nazi language and this leads to specific pain and a person’s response to committing even more karmic mistakes due to a lack of understanding of what is happening. Also, the trick of working shayko is that the presence of an action from above is hidden from allopathic doctors. And, probably, it is almost impossible to convince such people. The very presence of allopathic doctors, as a species still living, is formed by the presence of a hypnosis system. There are two types of systems of this kind. I myself even took part in one of them. This is a zombie system. An outgoing stream came from me through a zombie system, and a different kind of effect was coming in my direction from hypnosis systems. For those who also came across such an impact, it makes sense to be able to work to protect against such currents. About the "blasphemy against God." Have you tried to think about how all this situation with the Germans could have happened at all? If he positions himself as a god, then perhaps the creation of cattle is his desire? Or are you (god) not in control of everything? If you ask the sists, it turns out that the essence of Christ created the system of "Satan", he never fought with it, i.e. this system was his goal. It (the system) may look like a network located on some worlds. For those who have been given German silence, or something else: Putting your path on the “Bible” can partially help not violate some of their laws, which are already illegal. This will give for some time the weakening of their influence, or the removal of some effects. But in fact, the work of the Bible "does not pull" to remove their influence. Here it is necessary to work at the level of laws, at least. Those. the bible will not remove any schizophrenia. No so-called Christ will help Russian. Checked by yourself. No matter how much I went to the churches, nothing but an increase in influence on me happened. It is simply enough to give permission for help at the icon - that’s almost the end - immediately a wall is put up. Yes, and not one, but simply starts the process of regular giving Saavatars and rags. Those. had to cut off his work (Christ) immediately. It is important to understand that schizophrenia is more an energy-informational “disease”, it consists of many types of effects on feelings, for example. All this can be decomposed in order, for example, to deal with them on topics. You can also know that the Bents, the Nazis, the Sheiko, the gods, i.e. all (the term “ball" is applicable here), in practice, are tuned to affect a person. Replacing the karmic systems, they formed their own: there is a so-called "appraiser" (this is a bitch), it is almost the analogue of the Egyptian set, but not that, although the cult of the set and the process of dividing the sky into a duat clearly shows the same situation. The appraiser complements the initial (as created) work of karmic systems. In the analogue of karma, a parameter of the level of constant exposure to a person is laid down according to the results of the assessment. These systems use a feedback channel to measure the level of the result in a person. Those. exposure level is stabilizing well. At the same time, if the goal is suddenly not achieved for some reason (the person started / continued to defend himself, his brain is simply “deaf”), an additional miscalculation will be made to search for holes left after poor-quality defenses. I know from my own experience that it’s enough not to name some supposed negative situation, as they will give it by trying to burn a word, or something from the upcoming affairs (and this is generally a separate issue), for example. And they can give at least the next day, not necessarily right away. This acting cube is called “push”, which is the basis of constant actions, replacing karmic systems. And they can give at least the next day, not necessarily right away. This very acting kublo is called “push - push,” which is the basis of constant influences, replacing karmic systems. Push - push has a fixed, rated, impact level. Rather, he is the coordinator of all attackers, ensuring a constant level of impact. About eight percent of people can also get cancer for, for example, schizophrenia. Those with access to the systems can see for themselves by asking about it. In response, hear: "he is a schiz," or "for schizophrenia." Once there was no cancer and many other diseases. Many varieties of influences are all the result of broken-down karmic systems. For example, the Germans asked a miscalculation (the neck and other systems) for financial well-being - and, please, get people's illnesses, and we will treat them. And here, in this topic, the fault lies most with Christ - these were the ideas of his ego, and the Germans “beat” it. Once again: Christ must be sanctified because of his crimes before the worlds (even physics, i.e.), man, as well as flora and fauna. I already told you that she thinks she’s so fucking assuming, so this happens with diseases. Although he practically does not make mistakes, if he does not climb, i.e. such a disease goal was nevertheless set. And since this is based on even the smallest initially karmic accumulations of people, on information taken (purchased) from karma, she nevertheless manages to avoid punishment himself. Not only that, they set up shakey and so that they can also make a profit. Sheiko also has a network located on the ground, not even tied to a hartman grid. There are castes used to create crashes. Moreover, these marks on the roads have two types - fatal and non-fatal. The name of these labels in the form of abbreviations, I have not yet recalled, I have encountered them for a long time when I found them during work. There are such marks so that some of the people who passed along these coordinates pick up connections, or in their language, cysts. It’s almost not worth it to beat the neck itself with giving him pain or revenge. Those. To be continued and corrected. I live in Kiev.